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    Grandparents’ Guide To Ashland, Oregon With Kids

    Check out our guide to Ashland Oregon with kids if you're heading to the theatre festival and not quite sure Shakespeare plays will fly with the kids. The post Grandparents’ Guide To Ashland, Oregon With Kids appeared first on My Family Travels.
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    Early Jersey Tiger Moths in Cornish garden

    Good to see Jersey Tigers again in our garden in South West Cornwall. This will be the third successive breeding year of this spectacular species since they first arrived in the garden as migrants in August 2019. This year the first was seen flying during the day at least 10 days earlier than...
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    Striking form of Cornish Vapourer moth larva

    Strikingly marked Cornish ‘yellow’ form of Vapourer Moth larva In the South West of Cornwall the larvae of the Vapourer Moth that inhabit the moorland regions have yellow setae and pale yellow or pale orange markings. The one featured with unusual bold, rusty orange dorsum markings was...
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    American Painted Lady in Cornwall

    [See image gallery at wildlifeinsight.com] This American Painted Lady butterfly, Vanessa virginiensis, a very rare butterfly for the UK, was recorded and photographed by Rowena Castillo-Nicholls and husband Rob at Nare Head on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall on the 20th September. Rowena is...
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    Clouded Yellow butterflies on the Lizard Peninsula and in Falmouth

    Migrant Clouded Yellow butterfly (Colias croceus) at Poltesco on the The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall – photo © Steve Ogden Numbers of migrant Clouded Yellow butterflies in south west Cornwall have been low this year. Certainly not a Clouded Yellow Year compared to 2014 when we were lucky to...
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    Overwintering Oak Eggar caterpillar (Lasiocampa quercus)

    Overwintering Oak Eggar caterpillar recorded in Cornish garden. This pre overwintering Oak Eggar caterpillar, Lasiocampa quercus, was found in our Cornish garden in early October. A good example of a moth species with larvae that radically alter their appearance as they moult skins and grow...
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    Early butterflies in Cornwall

    Female Small White butterfly in Cornish garden on 28th March 2020 During the winter the only butterflies seen in the garden have been the occasional Red Admiral. With recent warmer temperatures things at last seem to be stirring. A Comma was seen amongst primroses at Glendurgan gardens on the...
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    Orange-tip butterflies on Honesty flowers

    Male Orange-tip butterfly ready to emerge from chrysalis No sightings of Orange-tip butterflies in the garden yet this year. However, its not going to be long judging by the development of two chrysalis brought inside from the cool garage where they’d been overwintering. The orange wing tips of...
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    What’s happened to the Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock butterflies ?

    [See image gallery at wildlifeinsight.com] Still no Small Tortoiseshell or Peacock butterflies in the garden this year. Apart from Red Admirals, which are now recorded in every month, these are the two earliest butterflies normally seen in the garden. Holly Blues, Speckled Woods and a couple...
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    Unusual sighting of Holly Blue butterfly

    Male Holly Blue butterfly basking with wings open on bramble The first Holly Blues are out. It’s the earliest of the Blue butterflies and is most frequently seen in flight around trees and along hedgerows. When it does settle, to either feed or rest, it almost invariable does so with wings...
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    Where are all the insects in our garden?

    In over 50 years of recording and photographing wildlife I can’t recall there ever being such a dearth of insects. And apparently I’m not alone in finding this. From across the country and highlighted in the recent Springwatch series insect numbers appear to be desperately low. Many insect...
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    I Dare You To Quit

    I’ve just moved into a share house in Camberwell, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, where I’ll be living for 4 weeks. Tonight, I’ll be sleeping in my 35th bed this year. Frugal Frolicker specializes in outdoor travel adventures. The post I Dare You To Quit appeared first on Frugal Frolicker.
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    Freelancing & Me, We’re Meant To Be

    I’ve had this aching feeling ever since I entered the professional workforce 9 years ago that the typical 9-5 office job just wasn’t for me. Committing to spending my weekday daylight hours at a desk surrounded by others who have agreed to the same sentence feels completely unnatural and...
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    How I Saved $10,000+ On Travel In 2016

    I know, I know – how dare I use such a clickbait-y title. Aren’t I just the worst? I’m pretty excited about this post because it’s not about how to save money TO travel – it’s about how to subsidize travel, travel cheaply, and save money while on the road. Frugal Frolicker specializes in...
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    35 Ways To Save Money In Australia

    I’m calling bullshit on everyone who claims that it’s too expensive to travel to or live in Australia. The truth is, if you practice healthy spending and saving habits in your daily life, there’s no reason you can’t do the same while visiting Australia. Frugal Frolicker specializes in outdoor...
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    How To Travel With Student Loans

    This article was originally published on 22 April 2014. — Alright, real talk: How many of you are burdened by student loans? Assuming I’m not the only one raising my hand to that, let me ask a better question: How many of you don’t travel (as much as you’d like) because you’re still paying...
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    What To Do When Sh*t Hits The Fan On Your Trip

    I just wrapped up a 10-day road trip around the Eyre Peninsula, a part of South Australia you don’t really hear much about. It’s definitely not a tourist hotspot – and though it deserves to be visited and raved about, I’m kind of glad it’s a hidden gem. Frugal Frolicker specializes in outdoor...
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    Why Quitting Your Job To Travel Isn’t As Scary As It Seems

    This is a guest post by Mitch Glass of Project Untethered. — I’m sure you’ve dreamed about it… Packing your bags, buying a one-way flight, traveling from destination to destination – wherever you want, whenever you want. Frugal Frolicker specializes in outdoor travel adventures. The post Why...
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    Why This Grad Student Decided To Move Abroad Instead Of Getting A Job

    This is a guest post by Efia of Effy Talks Life, and author of the book Girl, Solo – A Modern Guide To Travelling Alone. — I was never one of those people who fantasized about moving abroad and starting over. Frugal Frolicker specializes in outdoor travel adventures. The post Why This Grad...
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    From Corporate Stooge to Professional Travel Blogger

    This is a guest post by Melissa Douglas of Mexico Travel Secrets. — If you had told my eighteen year old self that ten years later I would be living in Athens and working as a full time travel blogger I probably would have laughed. Frugal Frolicker specializes in outdoor travel adventures...
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