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Five Online Entertainment Services for a Rainy Day


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Mar 19, 2024
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It’s a rainy day, and you’re mournfully looking out the window. Your plans for the day are canceled, and you’re wondering what to do now.

Luckily, living a happy life doesn’t just revolve around going out and spending money.

It also includes time to relax on the couch and enjoy online entertainment.

We explore what online services are available to keep you busy this rainy day.

Five Online Entertainment Services for a Rainy Day

Five Online Entertainment Services for a Rainy Day

Streaming or Subscription Services

Online streaming and subscription services aren’t just ideal for a rainy day.

It’s also perfect if your social meter has run out or you’re considering fun ways to save money.

Most of these services aren’t expensive, and you can enjoy them on your mobile, PC, or television.


Who doesn’t have Netflix these days? Its global subscribers number over 260 million, and many different movies and shows.

Individuals, families, adults, and kids alike can use Netflix.

Create different profiles so it’ll remember your progress on shows.

You can also apply restrictions for kid accounts.

Further, the algorithm will look at what you’ve watched previously and recommend titles you believe you’ll enjoy.


One of the best all-in-one options, Hulu offers movies, shows, and live TV.

Watch almost any movie and show on this platform. It’s the ideal alternative to sites that exclusively show their content.

Hulu has various packages you can choose from depending on your needs and over 70 live TV channels.

It also includes channels like BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Paramount Network to expand its offering.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is ideal for mobile gamers who want access to more than 200 games.

These games reject microtransactions, which means you don’t need to make in-app purchases to enjoy the gameplay.

Various titles allow you to play online, offline, and using any of your Apple devices.

It’s a cheap monthly subscription, opening a world of puzzles, magical quests, sports, and classic titles.

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is ideal if you love trying new games.

You don’t need an Xbox to use this, as it also offers the PC Pass.

Each month, exclusive games are made available, or you can play popular and new titles for free for a limited time.

It’s known as the Netflix of games, and its subscription is affordable.

It’s also easy to toggle your subscription on and off if you want to take a break for one month.

Cloud streaming even lets you play your favorite titles on your smartphone.

Crypto Casinos

Another option to enjoy is crypto casinos.

Easily manage your budget by buying cryptocurrencies with the money set aside for online entertainment.

This way, you don’t spend more than you can afford and enjoy the benefits of a crypto casino.

Crypto casinos sometimes exclusively accept crypto deposits like Bitcoin, but it means that any winnings are also paid out in Bitcoin.

Play your favorite slots using Bitcoin and other digital currencies from your home.

Couch Entertainment

Keeping yourself entertained doesn’t necessarily mean you must go out.

Get comfortable on the couch or bed and stream your favorite shows, play games, or spin the reels on sites like https://bitcasino.io/.

Many of these services aren’t expensive and offer alternative entertainment for rainy days.

Discussion: What types of entertainment do you like for a rainy day?

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